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Welcome to the Inner Dance process. A journey into awakening your power to change yourself and your community.
The Inner Dance is a global movement of healers, artists, medical practitioners, ecologists, transformation experts and community leaders who are experiencing change from inside themselves as they bring change to the world around them.

June 16, 4 to 6pm – Talk and Dialogues on Healing Work. A two-hour journey into healing, transformation and energy. What is healing, and how does transformation happen? What is energy and how do we bring a system of observing it in our body and mind?

June 17 to 19 – Healing Clinic.Hours. If you have sustained a physical injury, an emotional problem, if you feel pain or a mental challenge, if you are having problems sleeping, then please come. Here are the following schedules subject to further additions:

On June 17 – 9am to 12nn, 1:00 to 3:30pm

On June 18 – 2 to 6pm

June 20 to 21 – Intensive Training Programs. If you are interested in learning the principles of healing, how to facilitate process for yourself or your community, the program is designed for almost anyone with an open mind and heart to help others.

On June 20, 9:00am to 5:00pm – For Nepalese

On June 21, 9:00am to 5:00pm – For international volunteers

“For me, this process represents the missing aspect of practical spirituality I was searching for to help elevate mass human consciousness above materialism, a universally accessible raising of awareness that can embrace the ecology of our planet. It is a potential and actual force to help us return to simplicity, basic goodness and our authentic individual beauty.”

– Dr. Nick Smith, England

Pi Villaraza discovered a very powerful energy almost ten years ago after he walked around Mindanao island for one year on a spiritual pilgrimage. A healing force awoke in him when he afterwards lived in a deserted island in the Philippines for almost two years on a coconut diet, surrounded only by nature.

He deeply understood that this energy had a life purpose of its own and he followed a path that guided him to various parts of the world to help people remember the vast amounts of energy found within us all.

Right now, the inner dance has spread across the world as an important path to helping people remember their sacred simple purpose.

This June 16 to the 23rd, Pi Villaraza will be visiting Nepal to conduct free trainings and healing clinics for those interested in helping their communities and families by starting with their own personal healing process.
“My inner dance experience was like a reminder of what is important in my life. It was an awakening of my real self, which I have kept hidden away from the world for so long. It was a celebration of the life force that lay dormant inside me. An awareness that I have what it takes to change my life and perhaps touch those around me within my grasp all along. I have it within my power to be change and affect change. I have the capability to be a medium of light and love in this world.”
– Ronabeth, Manila

More about the facilitator:
Pi has facilitated more than 15,000 people from over 55 nationalities around the world. He has facilitated numerous hospitals, schools, NGOs, companies, families and communities that are bringing about healing and transformation. In partnership with highly respected medical practitioners around Asia, he co-founded the Transformation Medicine and the Wholeness Center movements. He is the CEO of the Self-Health Empowerment Movement and is an active member of the Global Ecovillage Network. He is the founder of Bahay Kalipay and Maia Earth Village. Pi was also one of the co-convenors of the Earth Village Project, an international group of sustainable eco-builders, permaculturists, healers and change facilitators that helped to rehabilitate one of the most affected towns devastated by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the strongest strong ever to make landfall in history.

“It has been the most transformative experience I have ever been through. I have not felt the doors within me open this much, and it is this gift that resonates the most deeply with my soul path, where I am deeply believing that everything comes from within us. The process mirrored my deepest thoughts that we are our own healers, and the only cause of our daily dissonance is this sense of separation in externalized living. And that the only thing we are all searching for is a way to go inwards.”
– Patricia, French national in Bali workshop 2014
For more information about the Inner Dance process, visit the following websites:


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