LASANAA ART TALK | Interior Design



Roshan Mishra (Freelance Visual Artist & Interior Designer)


Artists Background


-Graphic Design & Animation

-Interior Design (talk will be more focused on)

-Brief Introduction of The Taragaon Museum


Roshan Mishra is currently a Manager at The Taragaon Museum in Kathmandu. He received his BA in Fine Arts from Tribhuvan University and in 2001 he received Master’s degree in Digital Moving Image & Animation from London Metropolitan University. After finishing his Master’s degree he mainly worked as a graphic designer & an animator. He worked almost 7 years as an Interior designer, which became his main profession, though he never did any formal study in Interior design.  During his 14 years stay in London he collected a wealth of experience in Painting, Graphic Arts, Animation and Interior design. He has currently returned back to his home country Nepal, where he has started to work as a freelance Visual Artist & an Interior Designer.



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