Art and Music Collaboration



Shree Tara Band, all female band is organizing an event entitled “Art and Music”, at 1905 ,Jamal, Kathmandu supported by LASANAA .The main purpose of this program is to mobilize youths to promote the Nepalese culture that includes art and music. Both art and music have been an integral part of Nepalese culture and tradition. In the ethnically diverse Nepalese society, numerous tradition and culture are followed that relate to art and music. But only a few steps have been taken to conserve and preserve them. This program not only encourages the emerging artists but at the same time hopes to bring art, music and community closer.

The event will promote the cause “Stop Violence against women”. The all female band and the artist’s collaborative work are to raise questions on the prevalent issue of women violence of various forms. The artists through their artworks, will showcase their own perspective about women violence.

The program will be inaugurated by Ani Chyong Drolma, with opening speech. Several artists from the art and music fraternity will be present at event. The event will be covered by several media. Shree Tara Band will continue the program with their musicals .As, the program is a collaboration of art and music, after the performance by the musical orchestra, the artists from LASANAA will showcase their works. The works from the artists will be exhibited through the event.

This event is initiated with an aim of bringing art, music and community together. The main focus of the program is to make people aware of the Nepalese culture that is so rich in art and music. Both art and music have always co-existed, co-related but somehow have remained in the shadows. There are many, who still believe that art and music cannot be brought in the main streams of career opportunities. However, musicians and artists have always played significant role in bringing numerous changes in the society. Art and music is considered an important tool to revolutionize the society. But most of the time their vitality and importance are ignored by many. This program is organized with a view to promote and uplift Nepali cultural music, at the same time bring art closer to the people and society.

The program will begin at 12 pm.

About the band
Ladies instrumental fusion band formed in 2009 by enthusiastic personality Ani Choying Drolma. Forming all women musical instrumental band in country like Nepal is both very encouraging and challenging as well with supporter Ani Choying Drolma, music adviser Binaya Maharjan and moral supporter Shyam Nepali.

Band members                                        Instruments

Sarada Dongol                                             Percussion

Anju maharjan                                             Flute

Manju Nakarmi                                            Tabla

Matina Awale                                                Effects


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