Milan Rai: I have a story to tell

Seen a lot of white paper butterflies around Kathmandu? Milan Rai is the artist behind them, and he joined us for this (February) month’s LASANAA Art Talk.

One beautiful afternoon while he was painting in his studio, a tiny butterfly alighted on the Milan’s paint brush, he takes a pause for a moment and observes the it prudently…  The fraction of that magic moment get into his nerves that inspired him to share the concept he started weaving within his mind. A tiny Butterfly can be the messenger for happiness … it can deem the sorrow even for the moment spreading joy of life. White – the – Purity! it can change (some)one’s life…

Started the dream project – white butterfly city – with fifty rupees, donated by a unnamed friend, now he already has had crafted over 8400(0) white paper butterflies…letting them fly and flutter form one place to another … from trees to trunks… hand to head … pockets… … …  … fluttering butterfly- flirting people…  inside and outside of mind…  here and there …everywhere connecting people… connecting places…

Milan shared his highs and lows that he faced during his journey with his (sorry – not his) white paper butterfly.


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