LASANAA Monthly Art Talk by Mr. Shashank Shrestha 25th september 2012

On Tuesday, 25th Sept, LASANAA welcomed Mr. Shashank Shrestha in the monthly art talk held at Martin Chautari. Mr. Shrestha was very gracious to offer us an insight to his work which enthralled the audience.


As usual, the art talk began with the introduction of Mr. Shrestha who has recently graduated from a university from States in Fine Arts and majored in Video Production. His area of expertise includes photography as well. He believes pictures and videos provide a visual directness in communication.


He presented his recent work which consisted of pictures that were taken at Thamel and Bhaktapur. While taking his pictures, he gently shook the camera a bit to create an effect of motion and apparition so as to give the picture an element of presence. His pictures were mostly band shots and company profiles at States.


In 2007, he embarked on an experiment that went on for a year. The experiment’s main purpose was to create an impression of various stages an individual go through her life. So instead of focusing on one particular subject he decided to takes pictures of himself in different scenarios and perspectives. He concluded his experiment with the exact 365 pictures he took in a year. However, he showed only a couple of them in the art talk which was the most challenging to capture or depicted an exceptional message. His pictures had a texture of Nepali paper so when one asked why he opted for that then he explained that the pictures always have a very smooth texture giving a very digital or artificial feel. That is why he preferred this grainy texture to bring the picture to life.


The audiences of the art talk were fascinated particularly at the method he used to take pictures. The method “Stereoscope” comprised multiple pictures into a single picture shaped into a globe expressing a singular theme. Also, he illustrated his recent street shots taken in Kathmandu, frequently the streets of Thamel.


In States, he worked in various video productions which have received a fairly good recognition in states such as Atlanta. His videos have been presented at Slam Dam Festival and 24 Hour Film Festival. The themes of his videos were miscommunication and identity.


LASANAA is indebted to Mr. Shashank Shrestha for his input to bring this monthly art talk to a success and an education to all of its members.


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