LASANAA Art Talk: 28 August

LASANAA Monthly Art Talk: Art Today in South Korea and the Works of Saroj Mahato and Mahima Singh.

On Tuesday 28th August, 2012, LASANAA had the monthly art talk on
South Korean Art & Practices which was presented by Saroj Mahato and
Mahima Singh, who have recently graduated from a Korean university
of Fine Arts. They had given a wonderful overview of their aesthetic
experience and a fine presentation showing an extraordinary form of modern
Korean Art.

Both the graduates explained how Korean Art has flourished exponentially
since the 1950s. The Korean Art traces its history way back from 178 BC.
During those early periods Korean artists had sometimes modified Chinese
traditions with a native preference for simple elegance, purity of nature and
spontaneity. It has developed since though gradually, focusing primarily in
pottery, music and calligraphy.

Modern Korean Art has been greatly influenced from the Western style.
This adoption and transplantation has currently earned Korea a massive
recognition in the art sector. This modern art has been mainly concentrated
on painting and sculptures. Recent scholars have begun to acknowledge
Korea’s own unique art, culture and important role in not only transmitting
Chinese culture but assimilating it and creating a unique culture of its
own. An art given birth to and developed by a nation is its own art.

Mahato and Singh had shown various methods and techniques used in the
modern Korean Art which involves lasers and other equipments. They had
given a visual representation of their practices and adopted a specific theme
to illustrate their knowledge and experience.

Singh presented her work with water as her theme. Also, her art work will be
had also shown several of her solo performances on spontaneity and control.
Also, she is currently working on depiction of the scenario of Holi festival
and peace performance to boost the progress the constitutional election.

Mahato’s theme was the relationship between materialistic world and space.
His theme was strongly depicted in his self portraits, paintings and visual art.

Conclusively, the monthly art talk has been an education to all its
attendants. Korean Art has certainly made a profound effect leading to great
appreciation and respect. LASANAA is really grateful to Saroj Mahato and
Mahima Singh for their invaluable input to this monthly art talk.

(As reported by Saloni Basukala)


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