On 22nd August 2012, we had an additional art talk with our distinguished guest artist Sasha Peric. He is a film maker, alternative media artist and the founder of IGNIS.  He has mostly been indulged in making documentaries, theater performances and other various forms of artwork. His work mostly reflects the various perception of dream. This is Sasha’s first visit to Nepal and he will be staying here for ten days.

Peric discussed about his works through IGNIS and also his own personal creations.  He showed us his small pieces of work entitled ‘3000 lives of butterfly’ followed by another remarkable short movie ‘Crave’. He used ‘Dream’ as the subject matter of his works. We also watched some of the clips of the movie ‘Phoenix dream’.

According to Peric, most of his works were pre-planned. However, during the phase of making his movies, improvisations were made with the acknowledgement of better and creative ideas. It was not through his sole effort that he was able to make the movies but because of constant assistance and support from different artists. Thus, it is through interdisciplinary actions, remarkable works of art were created.

Sasha Peric also showed us a trailer of his upcoming film ‘Danube Floating tree’ which subsequently made all of us more eager to watch whole of the film.

The art talk ended with a short interaction session between Sasha Peric and our other participants in which they discussed about the difficulties he faced and challenges he overcame when making his films, his source of inspirations and how he was able to depict his thoughts and creative ideas profoundly. To add further, Sasha peric also discussed about how his movies were an experiment where the viewers could develop their own ideas and conclusions about what the movies were all about.



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