LASANAA Monthly Art Talk | Escape: In search of freedom

This month’s Art Talk Focuses on Escape Animation, a team of 6 animation professionals. According to team member Deepak Limbu:

“Both me and my friend happen to meet while we were a little frustrated with jobs. We needed the answer and wondered why there is still frustrations if we are already on the job of our choice?? We took a big risk and left everything behind to start something of our own from scratch, to build a place where we could experience the freedom of creativity. We wanted to be able to work on our own ideas freely. And our dream of making an animated movie in Nepal, is driving us through all sort of ups and downs for last 5 years. ”

They will be talking about their journey together working in animation in the context of Nepal.

Do be sure to attend!

Date: 26th June 
Time: 3:00 pm
Venue: LAH/LASANAA, Martin Chautary Premises, 27 Jeetjung Marg, Thapathali 


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