Workshop: Drafting your own constitution

Drafting your own constitution: A LASANAA Workshop with Arun Storrs

We’re going to have a neat 3-day workshop at LAH on June 1st !

To Apply Please Submit

  • application-form-workshop-june1-3-2012 [Application form: please click the link to download]
  • A Personal statement of 200-500 words stating your interest and why you would want to participate in this workshop.

Workshop Synopsis: During this workshop, participants will go through the process of delineating one’s personal identity as encapsulated in the process of making a Constitution. We will use our own group as a playground for the democratic process. Through movement exercises, we will unpack power dynamics, hierarchies, practice making and unmaking rules and policies, and experiment with different types of decision-making.

We will then move into defining ourselves for ourselves. By working with visual, writing, and movement exercises, we will dissect our identities and reassemble our understandings of self into written, sculpted, patched, performed, voiced pieces that will be presented on the final day of workshop.

We will focus on how our individual identities interact with and within the group, how we govern ourselves, how we govern others, and how we define and preserve what is unique to ourselves in a group context.


  • To explore one’s sense of socio-cultural identity
  • To gain insight into the process of writing a constitution and how it relates to identity
  • To create work in a team and as an individual
  • To learn new processes and prompts of developing and creating interdisciplinary material


  • Greater insight into the components of one’s identity
  • Increased understanding of how individual identities and group identities impact nation-building
  • Practice with new forms of developing your work
  • Collaborative and individual interdisciplinary work to present at final showing

Artist Bio | Arun Storrs

Arun Storrs was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and adopted when she was an infant. She grew up in Eugene, Oregon. While studying Theater Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration at Yale University (B.A. 2008), she fell in love with social activist performance and dance theater. Her first dance theater piece, based on the work of Judith Butler, called Un-Gendering, premiered at the Baryshnikov Art Center. She was in the first class of the Hemispheric Institute’s EMERGENYC Program for young artists, and continued to develop performance around themes of empathy and cross-cultural performance originally explored in her thesis work doing performance arts with Tibetan refugee children in Nepal. She has performed with Motion In Dialogue (MIND), the Yale Art Gallery, in collaborations with the Yale School of Music’s composers, the Lord Leebrick Theatre Company and the Very Little Theater and, most recently, as a part of the LowLives: Occupy! online interactive international art festival. She currently runs a non-profit, called The Kumari Project, to help orphans from the orphanage from which she was adopted and creates and participates in collaborations to make theater, film, and dance theater performances.


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