Redefining Kathmandu Valley

Immediate Press Release:

25 March 2012

LAH/LASANAA, Thapathali, Kathmandu

Redefining Kathmandu

Being in Kathmandu Valley: Residency Based on Research

Redefining Kathmandu is a residency program comprising of 20 artists from various backgrounds, coming together for the purpose of seeking new perspectives on Kathmandu. The exhibition, to be held on 30th March, is the culmination of a yearlong journey with LAH (Live Art Hub)/LASANAA. The main goal of ‘Redefining Kathmandu’ is breaking free of clichéd ways of looking at the valley, and at the same time taking on issues that are relevant and contemporary. Kathmandu is the cultural and political hub of Nepal, and LASANAA seeks to give momentum to a new ‘Artivism’ to reinvigorate the art scene here.

The program encompasses a wide range of activities: workshops, discussions, talk programs, group critiques, heritage walks and collaborative working. The workshop ‘Techne-kala: Enriching Art Practice Through Research’ focused on looking at research in the context of art, and distinguished academic research from a more immersive, subjective research. In ‘Efficacy of Critical Thinking in Art’, participants were introduced to the DeMazia system of art appreciation, as well as symbolism and the need for it within a contemporary setting.

The residency was approached in two ways: 15 artists were selected for location based research, and various locales across the valley were assigned to each group. After field visits and interactions with the residents, each artist focused on a specific theme related to the area. On the other hand, a proposal call was sent out amongst participants of ‘Techne Kala’, and 5 proposals were selected for a LAH Grant. The grantees were also part of their own research processes.

Both the grantees and location based residency artists worked on their projects at the Live Art Hub under the guidance of LASANAA, as well as guest mentors. Group critique sessions were held for exchange of ideas. The artists also benefitted greatly from the various talk programs held at Martin Chautari.

A collaborative effort was also undertaken between the artists and a group of 20 poets. The artists and poets came together to discuss the themes chosen, the fruits of which are 20 poems that take a literary approach to each project in “Redefining Kathmandu”.

The artists have also been working on an ongoing collaborative project, which began on 22nd March, and will continue up until the exhibition. The public is also invited to come and participate in this project at the LAH.

The resultant work, as well as the paintings, installations, interactive art, video art and poetry made during the span of “Redefining Kathmandu” will be on display at LAH/ LASANAA, from 30th March to 10th April.

(Collaborative Workshop: Everyday 2pm-6.30pm, 22-30 March 2012).

Redefining Kathmandu Valley

Participating ARTISTS:            

  • Sanjeet Maharjan
  • Mahesh Bastakoti
  • Kurchi Das Gupta
  • Praneet Rai
  • Supriya Manandhar
  • Sandeep Neupane               
  • Kailash Shrestha
  • Krishna Maya Suwal     
  • Mekh Limbu
  • Muna Bhadel
  • Rabita Kisi
  • Riti Maharjan
  • Saurganga Darshandhari
  • Diva Pradhan
  • Tika Dutta Dahal
  • Bikash Shrestha
  • Sagar Manandhar
  • Deepmala Maharjan
  • Chandra Shrestha
  • Ashmina Ranjit
  • Swosti Rajbhandari

Participating POETS:                                                          

  • Bishnubibhu Ghimire
  • Kishor Pahadi
  • Bishwabimohan
  • Bidhan Acharya
  • Bikram Subba
  • Basant  Chaudhary
  • Mani Lohani
  • Thakur Belbase
  • Anmolmani
  • Rajendra Shalabh
  • Momila
  • Geeta  Karki
  • Sandhya Pahadi
  • Geeta Tripathi
  • Baba Basnet
  • Uma Subedi
  • Shakuntala  Joshi
  • Sumi Lohani
  • Manisha Gauchan

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