LASANAA’s Workshop: 20, 21, 22 January 2012

 The Importance of Critical Thinking & Analysis for Efficacy in Creativity

 Workshop Synopsis: This workshop will examine the importance of critical thinking and analysis for efficacy in creative communication, with particular focus on the visual and media arts.While the individuality of self expressive vocabularies has long been emphasized as a core aspects of authentic creative endeavor, importance of critical distance and analysis in the creative process — especially those endeavors for which “communication” is a primary concern — demands equal recognition as the “midwife” of artistic output with genuine “staying power’’. This workshop propose to examine how developing artists habits of creative analysis aids the artist in bringing the microcosm of “self” and the macrocosm of “collective” into alignment, resulting in the creation of works with increased potential for lasting effect.

 Workshop Leaders: Maureen Drdak, Senior Fulbright Scholar / USA

Ashmina Ranjit, Visual Artist / Nepal

Who Can Apply: Artists, Art Teachers, Journalists, Writers /Thinkers

To Apply Please Submit

  • Application Form
  • Portfolio of work (8 -10 images of recent works – for visual artists)
  • A Personal statement of 200-500 words stating your interest and involvement in art and why you would want to participate in this workshop.

Download Application Form

Deadline: 5pm, Sunday, 18 January 2012

 Drop the Application Form @ 

LAH/LASANAA (at the premises of Martin Chautari)

27 Jeetjung Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu. Tel: 4238050/4102027

Email us: // //

Website: // //


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