Thapathali, December 12, 2011 – LASANAA’s newly constructed Live Art Hub (LAH), located at the premises of Martin Chautari, was successfully inaugurated. LASANAA’s Live Art Hub is an interactive space, a living art piece, and a lab, used for the production, exhibition and dissemination of artworks and ideas as well as the site for interactions, workshops, film screenings, performances and other experimental modes of cultural production, where everyone is welcome.

Beginning with a welcome speech from Sanjeev Uprety, Chair of LASANAA, the inauguration went on to include a speech by the Ambassador of Denmark Mr. Morten Jespersen, who also distributed LAH Grants to the selected five Techne-kala-inspired art proposals, which are to be actualized and displayed in the LAH in the last week of February:

  1. With Street Children – Riti Maharjan and Mahesh Bastakoti
  2. Migration for Happiness – Bikash Shrestha
  3. Fabric of Identity – Supriya Manandhar
  4. Urbanization Across Time – Sujan Dangol, Sandeep Neupane, Saurganga Darshandhari and Supriya Manandhar
  5. Evok City – Saurganga Darshandhari

The hour-long inauguration ended with two performance art pieces. The first one, by Jupiter Pradhan centered about power and politics, and include loud chimes, clashes, and ringings, while the second, by Saurganga Darshandhari, who was clad in a garment studded with safety pins, was softer and slower, and expressed the duality of safety pins, and the relation it has with women.

“People call artists mad, and maybe they are. But without this madness, society would be monotonous”. On this note Sujan Chitrakar delivered a few words, and and finally, LASANAA Coordinator Ashmina Ranjit ended the ceremony, with a few words of thanks, and expressing optimism for the future.

A platform for contemporary art, LASANAA has hosted various artistic and cultural events since its establishment in 2007, including last year’s International Glocalization Conference, National and International Workshops, Residencies, monthly Art Talks, regular film screenings, Art forums, Heritage Walks, and Special Art Programs. LASANAA has striven to provide opportunities to national and international artists to develop their creative expressions, to bring about changes in society, and to promote activism, through its workshops, residencies and discourses.


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