Press Release! techne kala

LASANAA’s workshop

Techne-kala: Enriching Art Practice Through Research, 25-27 November 2011

Thapathali, 29th November –

LASANAA’s three-day workshop Techne-kala, a LASANAA neologism translating to art-craft, ended with a bang. Techne-kala was designed to develop the concept of art as a rational process, with research a fundamental part of it. Held at the premises of Martin Chautari, the workshop ended with positive feedback from the participants, including “The workshop has helped us to look at things and think of how to use them” and “I loved learning how to identify research” among others.  In all, the workshop was a positive experience, and the previously withdrawn participants left after cheery goodbyes, and a promise to return to the Live Art Hub.

The workshop included a power-point of the works of 50 international artists who invested in extensive research, the extremes ranging from Christo and Jeanne-Claude projects to Marina Abramovic’s performance arts. This helped the participants conceptualize the importance of research, and also, the vast scope of art, giving them new ideas for projects of their own. The workshop was carried out on an interactive platform, with the participants engaging in discussions and debates.

Inspired by the workshop, the 24 participants, all young artists and art educators, submitted their own proposals, and then divided into groups to further discuss their proposals, which they will formally be submitting to LASANAA by the 5th of December. A separate selection committee will select five proposals, and its authors will be awarded modest grants. These projects will be exhibited at the newly erected Live Art Hub, which is to be inaugurated in December, in the last week of February.

LASANAA, a non-profit organization established in 2006, is a platform for contemporary art, its objective being to provide opportunities to national and international artists to develop their creative expressions, and to bring about changes in society through its workshops, residencies and discourses.


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