Open-call: Techné-kalā: Enriching Art Practices through Research

A LASANAA workshop conceptualized by Ashmina Ranjit and Stephanie Spray

techné: (Greek, τέχνη) art; craft; the rational method involved in making

kalā: (Nepali, कला) art; artwork

techné-kalā: (a LASANAA workshop neologism)

1. art practices characterized by an openness to hybrid methodologies and varied media; inquisitive art practices that employ research, in the broadest sense of the word

2. [to be defined]


Techné-kalā is a three-day workshop intended to encourage emerging Nepali artists and art educators to expand conventional conceptions of Nepali art practices and embrace hybrid methodologies, media, and audiences. As its bilingual name indicates, Techné-kalā unabashedly admits to a bastard conceptual genealogy and is critical of the tendency to label practices as more or less “authentic” in contemporary Nepali art contexts. Art-making is a mode of intellectual inquiry that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and this workshop pushes artist-participants to make these inquiries collaborative, within and without art circles, so they may further develop their projects conceptually.

While archival and ethnographic research, among other forms, have become common practice in contemporary art internationally, some Nepali artists hesitate to incorporate “research” into their practices. The organizers of this workshop question this tendency and encourage participants to incorporate research activities—however they so choose to define it—into their work to enrich their creative processes. As a group we will consider examples of contemporary art projects in Nepal and abroad that, to varying degrees, take research as a crucial components of art making. Throughout the workshop, participants will develop and conceptualize an art project of their own in response to the workshop’s premise.

Not media specific; painters, sculptors, animators, video artists, performance artists, sound artists, and everyone in-between are welcome to apply. Emphasis is on conceptualizing new and ongoing projects and encouraging collaborations between participants and, more generally, artists and their communities. After completing the workshop, participants will be eligible to apply for limited funding to realize the projects conceptualized during the workshop. Groups and individuals selected will be given access to Lasanaa’s Live Art Hub (on the premises of Martin Chautari, in Thapathali) to develop their work, which will be exhibited in a group show February 2012.

Workshop Leaders: Ashmina Ranjit and Stephanie Spray



  • § Application Form
    § Portfolio of work (8 – 10 images or examples of recent works)
    § Personal statement of 200-500 words stating your interest and involvement in art and why you would want to participate in this program.

As stated above, upon completion of the workshop all participants will be eligible to apply for limited funding to develop the projects they have conceptualized over the course of the workshop. Five proposals will be selected and its authors given modest grants to develop a research-based artwork, which will be exhibited in a group show at the Live Art Hub in February 2011.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, November 15, 2011 by 5 PM

Please drop the application form @ Live Art Hub, Martin Chautari, 27 Jeetjung Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu. Tel: 4238050/4102027     Or,

Email us: // //

Download Application Form


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